RIP Peter Lea

RIP Peter Lea

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Post by eebygum on Wed 10 Jul 2013 - 7:31

Hi all, just a quick hello and thanks to Leapy and everyone else for being so welcoming at Wilsthorpe last weekend. We had originally planned to stay on the CCC holiday site there listed to end on July21 but when we arrived the holiday site had morphed into a motor-homers rally! Apparently the CCC listing was typoed and their site ended on July 2 not July 21!  Serendipity indeed. So glad to have found this club and am sure it will go from strength to strength.

Have been a camping cognicennti since 16 when i started with an ex-army Desert Rat tent which cost me 37/6 (one pound 85pence in new money!). Soon as I passed my test I graduated to a campervan home conversion based on a Ford Thames minibus. Full sprung mattress on the floor and a DIY cupboard down the side with a sink made out of an old plastic washing up bowl. Cooking was achieved with my old camping gaz burner screwed to the worktop. Very Happy   Since then I've had numerous caravans and motorcaravans. The best one being my treasured Autohomes Camelot camper which we bought new and kept for 23 years Shocked. Boy did we have some fun in that vehicle.  Mum, Dad,  Sprog, Dog and Cat in sub-zero temperatures in Scotland for  week and still all smiles   I only sold it on because I had the opportunity of owning a Hillside Toyota Regius hi-top conversion which I am still fettling into shape. Anyone know how to reprogram a remote central locking Key?

Hope to see some of you at later rallies.



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Post by Ladybird on Wed 10 Jul 2013 - 7:35

Pleased to hear you arrived home safe and well it was nice to meet you both hope Christine goes on ok with her appointment


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Re: New Member

Post by The Burchies on Wed 10 Jul 2013 - 7:42

"Hope to see some of you at later rallies. "

Look forward to meeting you also.
The Burchies

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