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autoglass buffoons

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autoglass buffoons

Post by whistlinggypsy on Wed 12 Mar 2014 - 1:33

We had a stone chip on our screen heading home from Spain so when home I contacted Autoglass and filled in the online form for a callout to our storage area to have it fixed, no problem there, then 15 minutes later some lady phone to verify it was genuine callout (no problem with that) and after checking my online details and explaining the problem she told me they would not come out and the repair was "as she said insignificant" and no further action need be taken.

Well as I have already had a new windscreen fitted by them 2 years ago (cost £3800) on my insurance I was not happy with her conclusion so I took it to the Depot in Liverpool for another inspection. The guy told me that it was repairable and if not done the cracks would only get greater and then beyond repair and a new screen would have to fitted (cost now £4200).

He did explain that the repair could shatter the screen and then a new screen would have to be fitted but I decided that if I left it I would need one anyway so I accepted his terms and he dutifully carried them out with great success, (cost to Ins. co. £60, free for me)

if I had left it and did in the near future require a new screen what would that have cost me in excess of my £75 excess, I guess a great big fat rise in my Ins. premiums having had to have two screens fitted in a short period, so miss autoglass  tongue  too you

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Re: autoglass buffoons

Post by Leapy on Wed 12 Mar 2014 - 7:46

Had the same problem Bob with mine -said they didn't want to repair as it might crack -are they afraid to break such a big screen !
No increase in my premium and mine cost over £5000
All these potholes will further the risk of chipped screens!

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